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Shocking Facts About NB-IoT Gas Meter

The rapid development of the domestic natural gas market is mainly favored by the strong support for clean energy within the provinces and cities. Domestic smart gas meters usher in a new opportunity. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China's smart gas meter market reaches to over 40 billion. The long-term increasing demand for the meters is an inevitable trend, while mostly IC card gas meters are used in the current market. It is expected that NB-IoT smart gas meters will enter the golden period of accelerated development.
22 2021/09

This Shutoff Device of the Smart Gas Meter Can Avoid Gas Explosions

With the need for environmental protection, natural gas has gradually replaced the serious pollution energy into each of our homes, which has brought some safety hazards while facilitating the majority of users and improving the environment. As we all know, natural gas is a flammable and explosive dangerous gas. When the gas leaks and reaches a concentration (5%-15%), it will explode when it meets an open flame. Therefore, how to prevent gas leaks is the top priority of residential gas safety.
08 2021/09

How to Save Money on Your Gas Bill in 7 Quick Tips

When cooking, keep the bottom of the pot away from the stove about 20 mm. In addition, dry the pots and pans before putting them on the stove. Keep the bottom of the pot clean and dry. Then the heat can be transferred to the pot for saving gas.
23 2021/08

Failure of Gas Pipeline: What Causes It and How to Respond

With a continuous structure change in the energy industry in China, a series of national key gas projects have been promoted, such as “West-East Natural Gas Transmission”, “Sichuan-East Natural Gas Transmission”, etc. It demonstrates the breakthrough in gas engineering in China. Under the rapid city-gas development, a range of infrastructure construction of urban energy distribution has been strengthened. The rate of gas accidents in China remains high due to various factors.
18 2021/08

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Natural Gas

General knowledge of natural gas 1. Natural gas is clean energy with the main component of methane (CH4). ? 2. High calorific value, generally above 9000 kcal/m3. 3. High energy efficiency. Generally, the energy use rate of coal-fired power plants does not exceed 38%, while the efficiency of power generation in natural gas can reach more than 52%. ? 4. It is widely used in power generation, city gas, industrial fuel, chemical materials, and automobile fuel (gas-fueled vehicles) etc.
16 2021/08

Sixteen Gigantic Benefits Of Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Ultrasonic gas meters, as the term suggests, are meters that use sound waves to measure flow. These meters are attached near the inside or outside of a pipeline and when activated, transmit ultrasonic waves from one side of the meter to the other. Then, these transmitted waves are collected and measured to determine the flowrate.
04 2021/08
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